Tabula Rasa...more or less...

So, it's easier to take pictures with the sun out. How about that. Here is what we are working with for our veggies--a few small plots spread throughout the yard to take advantage of the sun. We have these massive trees that block sun in part of our yard:

So, our plants are spread throughout. We will have our raspberries in the area with the most direct sun. I am sort of hoping we have room for blueberries and strawberries too, but it is a little space, and I am not anticipating getting much fruit this year anyway, so we'll just have to wait and see:

Here is our tiny little herb garden. Last year, we planted herbs in the big bed with the veggies, but that made it harder to do companion planting because of space, so I am hoping this will work--right outside the kitchen door!

Our big bed, where most of our veggies will be planted. We were able to pull an impressive amount of produce out of this plot last year, and I have high hopes for this year--we had several mistakes to learn from. This is where our tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, and root vegetables will be growing--the soil in the garden plot is really sandy, so we've had good luck with root veggies in the past:

Here's where we plant our rhubarb, squashes, and melons. Lots of room to spread out:

And look! In comes our rhubarb! That is really exciting!

Finally, We will be installing some lattice and planting our climbers over here in the boxes. They will get good light if we get them into the right spot. Here we will be planting pea pods and pole beans:

And here is our little compost bin. Right now, it's half full, so we should be able to get through much of the season with our kitchen waste, ashes from our fire pit, and probably some of the insane amounts of leaves we didn't rake up last year. Not my best procrastination decision.

So, that's our yard! We also have several flower beds that we are trying to fill up with perennials and make a bit more full and colorful and not fussy.
We're getting really pumped up!!
D and A


Emily said...

Do you have a problem with bunnies eating your plants? We are going to start growing veggies in the garden right in front of our living room window and the bunnies just love to eat anything I plant there. I like that spot because it gets so much sun there and it's large. I'm thinking about doing a tallish chicken wire fence.
Did you guys start sprouting anything indoors? I really want to do that, but am afraid it will just die when I get busy having a baby. I unplugged my AeroGarden for the summer because herbs are so easy to grow outside and I want to start over with new herbs in it in the Fall. Love the idea of drying them.
Maybe you should come over and give me some gardening advice while holding my baby this Spring?

The Jensons said...

Starting plants indoors is pretty easy if you have a sunny spot. You just need to make sure you water them regularly. You can even use your Aerogarden plants as seedlings and replant them outside. My mother in law said that you can get empty pods on their site and start whatever plants you would like in them. As long as you move them outside before they get too big, they should be fine.
We have found that the little 2X4s we framed out our garden with has stopped the bunnies for the most part. A little fence should work, or even a retaining wall along the front. Bunnies are also put off by bloodmeal, which is gross, but you could try it. We also put our cat's hair into the garden when we brush him--which scares bunnies away. You can have some of Walt's hair, if you want :)
I will come over lots of times this summer to hold your baby, whether you need gardening advice or not. I am so excited for you!

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