Fall already??

Wowzas, it seems like yesterday was January, so when we needed to order Christmas cards and have started talking about Thanksgiving, I was totally caught off guard. I know everyone is busy--really busy--and life over at the Jenson house is no exception. I am afraid we fell off the blogging wagon for several weeks. School is back in full swing, and we are both studying and working and falling into bed exhausted after classes, work, debate, and house projects. We went from tons of time outside in our gardens or indoors working on our new kitchen (pictures to come soon) to hours on end sitting inside, wistfully remembering time working in our garden. Time flies, doesn't it?
We've been enjoying roasted squash and baked potatoes. I am glad to say we had a ample potato crop, although our sweet potatoes were pretty skimpy--I planted 6 vines (not seeds, but actual vines) and we only got 1 decent sized one, along with 4 or so itty bitty babies. We did plant them really late, so maybe next year will be better. Just hard to find those sweet potatoes. I am hoping to grow winter squash next year. We planted some summer squash this year, but it was pitifully overtaken by the cucumber plants. So, you live and learn.
Hopefully, hopefully, we can start working on a few projects before the time comes for a new calendar We've been working on making little changes to our house to make it more suit our needs and our style since we bought it, and next on our list is:

1. Finishing the kitchen. We are done with all of the functional stuff (!) but trim, paint, and grout needs to be finished. While it was mega-stressful, I am pretty much amazed by what we have created.
2. Hanging up the trim in the 2nd bedroom
3. Taking on the bedroom. Ever since we have started sharing a bed, we have been using some not-so-stylish Ikea furniture, which has gotten pretty beaten up with all of our moves. I am really looking forward to coming up with something a bit more comfy
4. Getting some reasonable blinds for our windows. The creepy canvas curtains i made when we moved in look terrible, but more than that, they don't even cover our whole windows--which is a bit awkward in the bathroom.

Gotta find something to do when the ground freezes!
Be back soon--I promise!
Allison and Desmond


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